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Bat Dan The Man

Icarly of the amazing Sam coming back
Son down I see you soon
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iCarly Wiki in a another language

Hey I just want to let you guys know that I made two iCarly Wikis one in Brazilian-Portuguese and italiano you can join if you would like or if you speak those languages!
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Titanic Wiki

Hello fellow fans of iCarly I will still be active on this Wiki and I will also be working on the Titanic Wiki because I created the Wiki on March 27, 2018 just letting you guys know this!
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Automatic Age Changer

Since there is slot of pages on this Wiki to edit and I don't have time to change everybody's ages so I am going to put a automatic age changer because I don't want any false information on this Wiki at all because this Wiki is about the show iCarly this Wiki has all true information on it just letting you guys know this!

P.S. This Wiki does not lie at all!
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Merging Wikis

Do you guys agree with me that this Wiki will be the only iCarly Wiki in English!
Do you agree?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
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New for the iCarly Wiki

So there is something new on this Wiki and that is the discussions so I am not going to use the Forum anymore I am just letting you guys know this!
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Five Year Anniversary

Happy Five Year Anniversary of Carly Shay, Kayla Lee, Sam Puckett, Freddie Benson, Gibby Gibson and Spencer Shay for all six main characters being on the show iCarly but they refilmed every single episode in 2012 Happy Fifth Anniversary to iCarly and Kayla!
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News about Violette1stFan

Hey as you guys realized I disabled 1DHarryLover because I kinda lost interest in One Direction but I still kinda edit on the Wiki and I have been creating Wikis to many of them so I'm not going to create anymore Wikis for a while because it feels like I created to many and also I'm not going to adopt anymore for a while since I adopted four Wikis so I'm sticking to the Wikis I have created or adopted just letting you guys know!
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Former iCarly Star Arrested!

Hey did you know that iCarly's Kayla Marie Lee was arrested she and her boyfriend got pulled over and the police told them to get out of the car and they found cigarette buds in the car Kayla ran from the police and she hit a police officer so she was arrested and charged with Assault, Assault on a police officer, Possession of a controlled substance and Resisting arrest and held at the Los Angeles Detention Center with bond!
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Two Year Anniversary

Happy two year anniversary for this Wiki it was created by 1DHarryLover so Happy Anniversary to the Wiki!
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Hey guys this news is very important there has been some issues outside of Wikia with my brother and his friends they have been lying to me badly back in September he lied to me and said that there was No Kayla on the iCarly universe but there really is one in my imagination I don't believe them at all and therefore my brother and his friends are NOT allowed to watch this show iCarly anymore and to be on this Wiki and he is making this Wiki upset and me!
P.S. If my brother makes an account here and starts deleting info he will be BLOCKED infinite!
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Rushed to Hospital!

Did you know that Kayla Marie Lee was rushed to the ICU in the hospital because she got in a Car Accident on her way to Collage but she is going to be okay.
iCarly Cast when Kayla Marie Lee is in the hospital!
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This Wiki the Second Official iCarly Wiki

Hey since 1DHarryLover and I are working hard reaching our goal this Wiki tweeted this to let us know Rachel remember back in 2012 and 2013 they did the stupid thing and delete a character page that should be on there because she is on iCarly so this is the Second Official iCarly Wiki now!
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Recent Trolls and Name Calling!

Dealing with Insulters and Trolls! Guys as some of you may know there has been Trolls and The Name Callling was back almost 3 years ago they insutled my friend Rachel about her imaginary friend on iCarly and said there was No Kayla but there is one in our imaginations and they Banned her and Blocked for a month and called her "Kayla" this DeeMoShow kid told on Rachel and banned and blocked her for a month that is wrong mean and disrepectful and they called her "Kayla" all over Wikia we'll their wrong and we are right about that and there was a troll here and added this page but we deleted it and the User is Blocked on this Wiki Those insulters and trolls are NOT allowed on the One Direction Wiki, Directioners Wiki, Drake and Josh Wiki, Josh Peck Wikia, Drake Bell Wikia, Kayla and Rachel Wiki and this Wiki and Me and 1DHarryLover will take care of the Insulters and Trolls!
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Kayla and Jennette not friends!

Did you know that Kayla Lee (Actress) and Jennette McCurdy are not friends anymore because Jennette was Jealous of Kayla's pregnancy then Kayla and Jennette were fighting and then Kayla blocked Jennette from her Twitter then Kayla want to just be normal without Jennette here is a picture of them before their friendship ended!

Fighting with Kayla She doesn't give a crap and her pregnancy was made fun of!
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