iCan't Take It
Season 4, Episode 16
ICan't Take It
Airdate September 17, 2011
Production Code 403
Written by Dan Schneider
Arthur Gradstein
Directed by Adam Weissman
Viewership 5.13 million
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iDate Sam & Freddie
iLove You

iCan't Take It is the sixteenth episode of the fourth season of iCarly and the eighty sixth episode overall.


Kayla does NOT like that Gibby attack

Kayla's reaction on Sam attacking Gibby

The episodes starts with Sam, Carly and Kayla playing with magnetic fish and Kayla and Sam eating jerky Freddie comes in and gives Sam a kiss He then tells them he has finished editing the Adventures of Super Bra much to Carly's dismay Freddie has edited Carly out of the fake trailer and focuses on Kayla and Sam Sam is seen to abuse Gibby since she has stopped picking on Freddie because they're dating.

Later while Carly, Kayla and Sam are at Glitter Gloss Mrs. Benson attempts to bribe Freddie into breaking up with Sam by giving him 100 grams of palladium worth $100,000 however to Mrs. Benson's disapproval Freddie denies the offer.




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