Mr. Henning
Mr. Henning
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Mr. Henning


Seattle, Washington


Seattle, Washington

Mr. Henning is a science teacher at Ridgeway Junior High School.


Mr. Henning has been at Ridgeway for thirty years He is Carly, Kayla, Sam, and Freddie's science teacher and was also Spencer's Spencer described him as such a loser who smelled like rotting wood.

He makes his first appearence on the episode iGo Nuclear setting the class a project On Project day he gives Sam a A and gives Freddie a D- (making him go on the retreat) At the end he gives Carly an A+ (first student ever) but finds out she built an illegal nuclear generator and gives Carly the chance to earn extra credit by taking himself Carly, Freddie, Gibby and some other students on the Root-And-Berry Retreat He is very odd Sam's project was rubbish (she was talking about oranges) and Freddie had a very good project (he even imported worms from Europe) although Carly had projects that failed and he gave made her Carly on the retreat with Freddie (but not Kayla and Sam) which proves he sometimes makes the wrong decisions but not always.

He is not seen throughout the rest of the episodes nor Season three but is mentioned by Carly on the episode iBeat the Heat.

It is unknown if he will be mentioned or seen in Season four.


  • At the end of iGo Nuclear Gibby can be seen on the retreat (for unknown reasons presumably he failed his project)
  • He doesn't have a toilet (He uses a backyard and a shovel instead)
  • He eats peppers (especially the yellow ones)
  • Presumed to like oranges