"Your safely trapped in my sound booth"
— Nora speaking to Carly, Kayla, Sam and Freddie on the episode iPsycho

Nora Dershlit
Nora Dershlit
Full name

Nora Dershlit


June 4, 1994 (age 23)


Olympia, Washington


Seattle, Washington

Nora Dershlit is an awkward unpopular sixteen year old girl In iPsycho she traps Carly, Kayla, Sam and Freddie in her basement for a day (but she intended for it to be forever) Nora has a pet chicken named Maurice who loudly clucks Her father writes gingles for various companies such as Fat Cakes and Food Pockets It is possible she has a crush on Freddie since she danced with him and wanted to kiss him After Gibby saved the iCarly gang Nora went to jail in iStill Psycho Carly, Kayla, Sam, Freddie and Gibby goes to court Carly didn't want Nora to get released from jail and then Carly and Kayla cries and Nora gets released then Nora and her Crazy Parents trapped the iCarly gang again and puts Spencer on a wheel and spens him every time they do something bad then Mrs.Benson and T-Bo comes to save the iCarly gang and Nora and her parents go to jail.

She is portrayed by Danielle Morrow.

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