General Information
Nickname Seddie
Dating Status Ex-Boyfriend/Ex-Girlfriend and Close Friends
Seddie is the romantic pairing of Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson (S/am and Fr/eddie).
Seddie on the episode iLost My Mind

Sam and Freddie started as enemies but developed to frenemies and later best friends Although they frequently tease each other they can always rely on each other when they need help.

They shared their first kiss on the episode iKiss and dated for a short while from iLost My Mind to iLove You but broke up after saying they loved each other since then their relationship has been brought up again on the episode iPear Store when Sam says that Freddie and she dated for a while previously Sam even said he's still in love with me it's kinda sad Freddie didn't say anything in direct response to this.

Seddie Kisses