Shelby Marx
Shelby Marx
Full name

Shelby Christina Cymponique Marx


Seattle, Washington


Seattle, Washington

Shelby Christina Cymponique Marx is a teenage female fighter on the iCarly episode iFight Shelby Marx.

She is portrayed by Victoria Justice.

On the Episode

Shelby is portrayed as an attractive young teenager who has a great talent as a fighter She is a sweet girl who is kind to her grandmother and is willing to defend her family.

When Carly makes a joke on her webshow iCarly with best friends Kayla and Sam that she could kick Shelby's butt Shelby challenges Carly to fight Shelby guarantees that she will not hurt Carly but when they attend a press conference together and Carly accidentally falls on Shelby's grandmother Shelby is annoyed After Carly states that it was not on purpose they make up Carly's enemy Nevel however is determined to change this and makes a video that looks like Sam told Carly to push her grandmother over Before Carly can tell her she never did the fight takes place Shelby deliberately punches Carly in the ring and it escalates into a full-on fight After Carly finally reveals it was accidental and that Nevel made the video they seek revenge and it is implied that Shelby Carly, Kayla and Sam beat him up.

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